Lean ToolBox

BravoMike consultants can help implement all the tools of Lean, taking a comprehensive or a tiered approach depending upon the needs and budget of the client’s organization.
Tools include:
5S+Safety and Visual Management– organizing and standardizing the workplace (gemba). Using common sense and intuitive work floor layout and organization, applying standards and visual cues that make the work safer and more productive.
Mistake Proofing – assessing mistake-prone processes and activities and developing devices that virtually preclude mistakes and defects.
Standard Work Process – creating solid, high-performing processes using time-proven and simple standard work tools.
Accelerated Improvement Workshops (Kaizen Events) – a rigorous, yet flexible cross-functional team-based, project management process that focuses on narrowly-defined broken processes. From problem definition to implementation AIW’s have proven to be a highly effective tool.
Value Stream Mapping – a unique and powerful visualization used tool to “see the waste” in the process and identify solutions for process problems. BravoMike also applies standard process mapping or flow charting as well.
A3 Reporting – a tremendously effective way to manage projects that is concise and fact-filled for better decision-making.
Hoshin Kanri – although a Japanese term, it is no less a highly effective approach to insuring senior management can communicate the organizations; priorities effectively.
Set Up Reduction – a methodology to create faster turnovers. Akin to Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED). Powerful tool to create more value added time to any process.
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – for those equipment and machine intense organizations, TPM is a fully integrated approach to reducing or eliminating machine downtime and improving machine productivity and quality.