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BravoMike is a consulting services company specializing in process and continual improvement, supply chain optimization, and establishment of operational excellence in a diverse set of industries. BravoMike also provides experienced Project and Program Managers specializing in software development and automation. We deliver powerful and efficient solutions by closely collaborating with our clients by mapping existing processes, measuring the outcomes and documenting the activities in a manner that easily helps us create new, improved strategies. We provide end-to-end solutions in the industries we serve. BravoMike Consultants – your quality and process improvement professionals.



BravoMike provides process improvement solutions that optimize your process for the parameters that you desire. We work with members of your team to implement these solutions



We work with selected members of your workforce to study and improve given processes and implement changes in a short period of time .

Supply Chain


We train your workforce to be more efficient and spot opportunities to improve their processes to make them faster,better and cost effective.


The Gap

IT and business collaboration has long been a challenge. In many cases, the business does not clearly understand how the IT department can support them while IT in turn does not fully comprehend the needs of the business segment...

Our strategy

BravoMike is committed to providing quality solutions to your operations problems by understanding them in depth before attempting to find any solutions. We will map out your process..

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our advantages

BravoMike will always provide you with innovative, timely and cost efficient  solutions to your operational problems. We apply our expertise, experience and knowledge of industry  best practices to design innovative solutions. Typically our clients have saved between 10 to  50 times the money….

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Our Testimonials

  • It is my pleasure and honor to offer this letter of recommendation for the Bravo Mike consultancy. I have worked with several of the principals in the past when we were with Northwest Airlines Technical Operations. In particular, Brian McConnell was responsible for bringing Lean Manufacturing concepts into the Tech Ops organization. This involved working specific process improvement projects but.