Visual Management

Visual control is a technique employed in many places where information is communicated by using visual signals instead of texts or other written instructions. The design is deliberate in allowing quick recognition of the information being communicated, in order to increase efficiency and clarity. These signals can be of many forms, from different colored clothing for different teams, to painted shapes on the factory floor to heijunka used in the Toyota Production System.

In the realm of visual controls, there are two types of applications namely – Displays and Controls.

Visual Display.   Relates information and data to employees in the area. These include, charts showing the monthly revenues, Display of the status of equipment in operation or under maintenance, or warnings and quality issues that group members should be aware of. Universally accepted icons are often used to standardize the displays thus eliminating language barriers

Visual Control.   These are intended to actually control or guide the action of the group members. Examples of controls are readily apparent in society such as traffic lights, parking signs, no smoking signs etc

BravoMike Consultants will work with you in evaluating your operations and suggest a regime of visual controls that can benefit your organization. We will engage with successive levels of leadership down to the shop floor to ascertain the requirement of visual controls and help you implement an effective solution.