Industry Experience



The BravoMike team brings our clients significant experience to the table in the airlines and commercial aviation industries. Whether it’s Technical Operations, Flight Operations, In-Flight Services, Ground Operations; Cargo Operations, or virtually any other aspect of the industry – BravoMike has the experience and skills to make a difference for your firm. Specifically, our investment on Information Technology in the airline industry can deliver top of the line program and project management.
Airline specific software is what BravoMike specializes in. BravoMike brings years of experience in software development and project management for aircraft maintenance, flight operations, passenger reservations, ground operations, etc. Some of the area of expertise include ETOPS, Line Maintenance systems, engineering systems, E-enabling, passenger re-accommodations, baggage / cargo tracking, flight following, gate management, etc. We will work with the all areas of your business to solve your automation needs.



With significant success in high and low-tech manufacturing, BravoMike can assist your firm in improving the existing  processes for greater profitability. Focusing on the four major operational measures – cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility – BravoMike will work closely with your team to achieve operational excellence. Experience in GMP manufacturing as well as heavier industries makes BravoMike a great choice for you.


Commercial Design and Construction

In today’s highly competitive environment, BravoMike can partner with you to apply Lean Thinking to drive operational excellence starting with the first steps in working with your customers all the way through the collaborative design process and finally applying Lean to the actual field construction activities. The intent is to focus better on customer value while eliminating waste from every process.


Facilities Management and Engineering

An area of expertise of note is Facilities Management. With one of the Nation’s first Certified Facility Managers, BravoMike can assist your company with establishing cost-effective and cost-saving building management. Find solutions for the expense of owning or leasing commercial properties. BravoMike works with a commercial real estate broker as well and assist from site selection to construction to overhead expenses.


Government and Military Supply Chains

One area that makes BravoMike unique is our franchise in military/government operations. With two retired officers with international military experience, we understand the needs of the soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine. We are uniquely qualified to help military organizations optimize their supply chains.