sd2Process Optimization

Each process in your business is unique and is designed for specific requirements. Some processes may be optimized for speed some for performance, yet others for cost. Over time, these processes lose integrity and need to be ‘re-tuned’ to conform to their original specifications. Your workforce may successfully re-engineer them but these tweaks may result in repeating the same errors that were a part of the original process or may adversely affect other processes. As a guideline you need to revisit your process when you realize that the ‘value added’ parts are being clouded by waste, it is impacting other processes that depend upon its outcome or when customer satisfaction is on the decline.

BMC can help you in your quest from process optimization and guide you through each part of the journey. We will commence with a ‘dip stick’ study of the problems and work with your process owners to define metrics, gather data and information to measure the process. We can then execute the project independently, or collaboratively with your workforce by conducting a Workshop that will map, measure, prioritize and develop a solution for your improvement initiative staying on till the solution is implemented.