Supply Chain Optimization

Inventory is a necessary evil of business operations. It cost money, occupies space and depreciates with time. In a ‘Lean’ business operation, inventory comes to the shop floor exactly at the time required and in exactly the quantity required. There are no need for reserves and safety stocks because the supply chain is unfailing and reliable and keeps perfectly in sync with the business processes. An optimized supply chain eliminates the inventory carrying cost, the space required to carry it and the labor and equipment required handle it. Eventually it results in higher customer satisfaction due to lowering of cost of goods or services.

BravoMike Consulting will work with you to enhance the efficiency and velocity of  your supply chains through the application of Lean and JIT. We will partner with you to understand the dynamics of your supply chain and work with you in developing strategies and implementation plans to make the changes required to meet your operational goals. We will assist you in :

    • Understanding the drivers and the impacts on your supply chains
    • Developing strategies to deal with supply chain problems in specific parts of your business to maximize profit and deliver better customer satisfaction
    • Apply Lean thinking, Just-in-Time, and other relevant approaches and tools to optimize supply chain communications, throughput, and movement
    • Assisting you in creating a balanced scorecard to evaluate your suppliers and optimize your procurement model