Testimonial from Kris Bauer, Senior VP Allegiant Travel Company


It is my pleasure and honor to offer this letter of recommendation for the Bravo Mike consultancy. I have worked with several of the principals in the past when we were with Northwest Airlines Technical Operations. In particular, Brian McConnell was responsible for bringing Lean Manufacturing concepts into the Tech Ops organization. This involved working specific process improvement projects but perhaps more importantly also involved a cultural change and education process. We were successful in bringing about a level of enthusiasm for efficiency and process improvement along with a sense of teamwork between management and front line employees.

In addition to this past experience, I have also engaged the Bravo Mike group in some specific projects at Allegiant Air. Brian, Sunil and the rest of the team were able to come in and make an immediate impact on some troubled projects that we were struggling with. And as expected, they were able to not only work the specific projects, but also bring an education of new tools to the team that will benefit us going forward.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend the Bravo Mike consulting group and am available to discuss more details upon request with specific clients.

Kris Bauer
Sr Vice President, Operations
Allegiant Travel Company