Supply Chain Solutions

Every company has unique requirements from their inbound supply chains. While cost is a major driver for all procurement, a firm may focus on responsiveness, Just in Time (JIT), flexibility or quality. Quite often the same firm may have different supply chain requirements from different parts of the business or at different time of the year thus requiring multiple supply chain strategies. For example, in airlines, the supply chain strategy for aircraft spares should be different from procurement of crew uniforms or fuel procurement. Similarly, the strategy of a hospital for supply of critical drugs will differ from the strategy required to supply its kitchens.  Each part of the business needs to fine tunes its approach to suit its operating environment and must be constantly review it to control various parameters.

BravoMike will work with your stakeholders to understand these unique requirements and help you formulate an optimum supply chain strategy that will be tailored to the specific needs of each business segment.  We will help you develop a ‘Balanced Scorecard’ for your vendors and assist in improving vendor relationship by making your requirements more transparent.  The end result – your  dollars  go  further, buy more, of better quality in a timely manner.