Bridging the GAP – Business and IT Collaboration

IT and business collaboration has long been a challenge. In many cases, the business does not clearly  understand how the IT department can support them while IT in turn  does not fully comprehend the needs of  the business  segment.

David Ramel wrote about the Forrester study done  “Forrester Study Reveals Disconnect Between Business and Software Development”:

A major impediment to more successful software development projects is a corporate culture that results in a lack of collaboration because business executives view the IT departments as “order takers,” a view disputed by IT leaders.”

David pointed out that both the business and IT didn’t agree on the how much collaboration the two groups had.

  • “43 percent [of the business decision-makers] said the two departments work together to decide which business services or products are delivered.
  • 59 percent of IT/engineering leaders said they collaborate with their business peers and 57 percent said IT acts as partners and makes joint decisions with business stakeholders.”

The closer the IT department is with the business, the better the software development results.  Keeping the communications lines open are key to better business and IT collaboration.  BravoMike has worked closely with the business and IT in doing just that.  We have worked as liaisons between both groups to assist in the collaboration and understanding of needs on both sides.   We have worked with the business and IT in bringing the two organizations together creating one team with a common goal.