Our Strategy

BravoMike is committed to providing quality solutions to your operations problems by understanding them in depth before attempting to find any solutions. We will map out your process, observe it in action and study the data that it generates. While some processes have metrics to measure them, it is equally possible that you may not have devised any discreet measurements of the process. BMC will, in consultation with the stakeholders, design a set of measurements that evaluate the performance of the process and generate data to indicate its efficiency.

BMC will also map out the ‘waste’ in operations – some of which may be caused by changes introduced after the original process was designed. We will use a set of tools selected from our ‘Lean Toolbox’ to arrive at a suggested solution that is simple, elegant and implementable with minimum changes to the operating environment.

To implement the solution, BMC may conduct an Interactive Workshop with personnel drawn from all levels of the operation. Over a typical two day session we will brainstorm the solution with inputs from the working and supervisory levels to arrive at an ‘implementation Plan’ that is now ‘owned’ by the  process stakeholders. This interactive process typically gives the working level a voice in the solution which helps in making it ‘Our Big Idea’  enhancing  the ‘Buy In’ at all levels.

If required BMC will assist you in the post implementation phase to control or embed the new process and ensure that there is no regression to the Older-But-More-Familiar process.